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While our blog is lifestyle and travel-based, photography is a big part of the content that we share here. Even before we rebranded and combined blogs, I was taking pictures of family gatherings, events, and experiences, editing them during our free time for fun. When I was younger and got my first disposable camera, I was taking photographs and haven’t stopped snapping photographs since.

When traveling, we (mostly me) love taking pictures to capture the memories of the trip to share with loved ones, amongst ourselves, and sometimes on this blog. Our photographs help to showcase aspects of our trips and experiences that sometimes words can’t describe as well as an image can.

A lot of you have resonated with our photography-related posts or have emailed us with inquiries in regards to our experiences with presets and editing. As a result, we’ve started sharing more photography-related posts in hopes of helping those of you who also love photography.

I am no expert and as my mom always used to say, “I’m always growing” I think the same goes for my approach to photography. In every post, preset, and resource to share, I’m sharing what I’ve learned over the years with you.

Free Presets

Looking for our free presets? You’ll love these free ones that you can download for Lightroom Mobile or the desktop version.

PAID Presets

We also have paid presets that we share on our Etsy shop! Check out some of our latest presets here!

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